Origin8 Design

What our clients say about Origin8 Design..

“You could work with account managers from top London agencies, who then brief the actual designers (and dilute the message objectives in the process) or you could work directly with a creative efficient and responsive designer for a third of the cost, achieving twice the clarity of your objectives. Origin8 listen, understand, add value and deliver quality on time, every time.”

“The fresh approach to our design requirements has lead to a dynamic new look for the company. The impression is modern whilst still appearing technology based. It makes a huge difference when you stand out.”

“Origin8's ability to determine our exact needs, even when we were perhaps less than clear in our direction, was nothing short of amazing. The best thing we ever did was to ask them to apply their creative minds to the problem and in no time at all they came up with an idea, complete with full marketing justification, that was absolutely perfect - first time! We were delighted with the response that we got from our 'image make-over' from both old and new customers.”

“Delighted as I am with the final result, I remain in awe of the process by which the new designs evolved. It is unusual to meet someone with the skill and ability to take an analytical view of a project and a company and then demonstrate the great deal of lateral thinking needed to complete the creative and design process. Thank you...the end result is that you have exceeded our expectations for all our communication media and for that you are to be congratulated”